PDF Form Field Formatting Support Added

As both a free PDF editor and an online PDF form filler, PDFescape is constantly being improved and updated. Fortunately, unlike other PDF readers that must be downloaded and installed, these updates are seamlessly presented to our loyal web users directly, without any updates for them to install!

Being a service in BETA, it is important that we continue to keep implementing PDF form standards into PDFescape, as such, we are pleased to announce that PDFescape now formats the display of select form fields.

or example, PDF form fields which format the number 5 into the currency representation $5.00 will now be properly displayed in both Adobe Reader & PDFescape (as well as when printed from PDFescape).

Form Field Formatting in PDFescape, the free PDF editor

To try this feature, please open our sample file.

Along side the already implemented PDF JavaScript capabilities of PDFescape (such as form field calculations), PDF forms posted online to PDFescape are even more usable.

PDF Page Rotation - The Much Asked For Feature Arrives!

There probably hasn't been a single day in the past 3 or 4 months in which a loyal PDFescape user hasn't put in his or her request to allow the rotation of pages in PDFescape. Heck, Adobe Reader can do it, why can't PDFescape!?

Red Software is proud to announce that the free PDF editor and PDF form filler, PDFescape, can now rotate pages in PDF documents being edited.

Rotating documents is both quick and easy.

Rotate PDF Pages Using PDFescape, Free PDF Editor

Simply select the "Pages" tab in the PDFescape interface. Then click Rotate Right or Rotate Left to rotate the currently selected page one direction or the other.

With this improvement, PDFescape takes yet another step toward being the only PDF editor you need!

Note: Because of what we believe is a bug in the way Webkit handles the <canvas> tag, Windows Webkit users (Google Chrome & Safari for Windows) may experience a slight bug when rotating pages. It appears however that Mac Safari users are not affected. We're working on a correction for this asap.

PDFescape Firefox Add-on Updated

Red Software is proud to announce that version 0.9 of the PDFescape Firefox Add-on is now available via Mozilla.

This latest version for our free PDF editor and PDF form filler, PDFescape, fixes some minor issues for our Mac and Linux users.

Additionally, it now supports the new Firefox 3.1 Beta 2 (which is very exciting, because Firefox 3.1 features the new Tracemonkey JavaScript engine which vastly improves the speed of JavaScript based web applications, such as PDFescape)

Google Login For PDFescape - The Free PDF Editor & Form Filler

Red Software is proud to announce that recent improvements to PDFescape now allow users with Google Gmail accounts to edit and fill out PDF documents without registering.

This integration will allow users to use their existing username and password on their Google account to securely access PDFescape.

Simply click the Sign In Using Google button on the PDFescape sign on page.

You will be prompted by Google for your account username and password.

Once logged in, Google will return you to PDFescape where you can begin editing PDF files and filling out PDF forms. (PDFescape will never know your Google username and password)

This feature is only supported by Google account holders which have a Gmail account. Google Apps accounts won't work at this time, however we are hopeful Google will provide support for them as well.

Text Selection Added To PDFescape

Users of PDFescape can now select and copy text in PDF files when viewing them online. While still the powerful free PDF editor and PDF form filler it always has been, PDFescape now becomes an improved PDF reader for those looking to be completely independent from their desktop based viewers.

Select and copy text in PDFescape

This feature is still in testing and only available to FireFox users, however once fully tested, will be available on additional browsers.

Update 1:
After receiving bug reports from several users, a minor bug affecting PDF files with cropped coordinate systems has been corrected. If you were previously have issues selecting text, this update may correct your issue.