Print From PDFescape and PDFescape Firefox Extension

A few additions have been made to PDFescape.

First, PDFescape now features a new print button. This print button allows users to directly print PDF files from within PDFescape using their browser. With the addition of this print feature, PDFescape is now more than ever a complete and more feature rich replacement for your desktop PDF software.

It is worth noting that because PDFescape uses your browser to print, you may wish to turn off the headers and footers your browser may add to printer output. This is recommended for best results. (more information)

Second, our Firefox extension is now available for public testing. It will allow you to dynamically open PDF files you find as you browse directly in PDFescape. It is available for download from Mozilla:

As always, PDFescape only requires that you have a compatible browser installed. All new features are compatible with Firefox (1.5 & 2), Internet Explorer (6 & 7), and Safari

New PDFescape & PDFescape Enterprise Features

We are proud to announce a few updates to PDFescape.

PDFescape and PDFescape Enterprise have been been updated to support new form field tags such as read only fields and required form fields. With these new additions, the look and layout form creators have made will be better preserved in PDFescape's cross platform interface.

Additionally, the core libraries to PDFescape have been updated as, providing a more robust interface which will further increase product reliability and uptime

PDFescape Enterprise now includes some new features allowing the importing and exporting of data from databases. PDFescape Enterprise (through the use of some quick custom programming) can now prefill data from your database as well as export that data back into your system upon completion. Currently this is achieved through the use of a proprietary data string, however XFDF (the XML specification of the old FDF specification) will soon be implemented. XFDF is an open Adobe controlled specification.

PDFescape will support both the form field specification as well as a portion of the annotation portion of the XFDF specification in the coming months.

Also in the works are 3 new programs:

  • Firefox Extension - This plug-in will allow you to automatically open PDF files in PDFescape. When enabled, instead of downloading a PDF, your browser will automatically send the file over to PDFescape to be opened. When easily disabled, your PDF files operate as they did before. BETA testers are welcome to give our Add-On a try. We will post a link to it later this month  You now can try it over on the Mozilla Add On Sandbox Website. You will need to have  Mozilla account and have the Sandbox enabled in order to download a copy
  • PDFescape For Your Domain - Tired of purchasing PDFescape credits for everyone in your office? We soon will be offering a single low fee allowing unlimited use of premium features by all PDFescape users from the same domain
  • PDFescape Publishing - While publishing a file on PDFescape is currently possible, we want to make it easier to do, more user friendly, and less confusing

PDFescape Interface Improvements

The main interface of PDFescape has received a small make over. The main toolbar for making changes to PDF files is now clearer and easier to use.

New PDFescape Buttons

Also, some optimizations have been made to improve online performance as well as compatibility upgrades for use with Safari 2 and the up and coming Safari 3.

PDFescape: Secure Access

Registered users of PDFescape now can securely access, upload, and work with their files.

Using industry standard SSL encryption, registered users can open, edit, and download PDF files via a secure connection to our servers. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is trusted in many online matters such as online banking and online purchases.

PDFescape servers implement strict access control protocols, privacy policies, and daily Hacker Safe® scans. These policies and procedures help ensure that PDF files used on PDFescape are kept private and only accessible by you.

Coupling our current privacy and security measures with SSL deployment on the server should make PDFescape a great choice for any business or industry, even those with the strictest of privacy and security concerns.

PDFescape Registration Now Optional

In order to make PDFescape even easier to use, registration for PDFescape is now optional.

By clicking the
Start Using Unregistered
link, you can begin using PDFescape immediately, no questions asked.

Now of course because our server has no idea who you are, some features are limited. For example, PDF files you save to the server will be deleted from our servers after you log out. You also can not use or purchase "Premium Credits" while using one of these "unregistered" accounts. You can however at any point convert this "unregistered" account into a full fledged account in about 30 seconds by providing your name, email address, and a password.

Also, users who are publishing files to PDFescape now have the option of linking directly to file. No longer do your customers have to sign up for an account with us, they be optionally taken directly to the file, no questions asked!

We are sure that this new approach will make PDFescape even more appealing to the thousands of people already using it. Thank you for all of your comments and feedback about PDFescape. Keep it coming.