PDFescape Enterprise Updated

The Enterprise edition of PDFescape has been updated to support some of the new features currently seen on PDFescape. This includes the recent anti-aliasing update which allows for clearer, more readable PDF files to be displayed online.

Also, the installer has been streamlined, making setup even easier for IT professionals.

This minor update also fixes several small bugs. For additional information, visit the PDFescape Enterprise website.

Improved Viewing Quality

Short and minor announcement before the weekend. After a few weeks of preliminary testing, we are proud to announce that the viewer quality of PDF files in PDFescape has been improved.

The new anti-aliasing filter being used in PDFescape allows our web application to more clearly render files to your browser. This update will take effect on all browsers supported by PDFescape (Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari)

Please let us know if you discover any new errors being caused by this PDFescape improvement.

New Support System For PDFescape

To help us streamline the support process and serve as many customers as possible, Red Software has implemented a new company wide support system.

This support system is now in use for PDFescape.

Through its use of a "smart knowledge base", we hope that this new support system will allow us to serve more customers with the support they deserve (and it's purdy to boot).

To take a look (or open a support issue ticket), visit:

Leave a comment to let us know what you think about the new system.

PDFescape Press Release

Online PDF Web Application Offers Free Saving of PDF Forms

"Ever open a PDF form, fill it out, only to realize that Adobe Reader wouldn't let you save your work? With PDFescape, your customers and website visitors will never feel that frustration again. This new free service enables website owners and weblog posters to prepare and distribute their PDF forms efficiently, enabling the key functionality of saving completed forms."

Full Press Release

PDFescape Engine Overhaul

Greetings fellow PDFescape users,

PDFescape's XML backend has been reconstructed to run faster (up to 2000% percent faster!), especially with large files with lots of form fields. Files with hundreds, even thousands, of form fields are no longer slow to load in the PDFescape interface.

Also, we have finished up the PDF Publishing interface and is ready for use (and is in fact actively in use by  some of our customers).

In order to demo the published files feature, we are providing a link to a sample file, an IRS 1040 form.

Click Here

(Please note while this IRS form can be submitted, it will submit to us, not the IRS. It is for demostration purposes only.)

This is exactly what your customers would experience using PDFescape to easily fill out a form. You'll notice how quickly and easily the service loads; how easy the form is to fill out; how easy it is for your customers to submit their completed form. If you could see our side of things, you'd notice that when a form is submitted, that it quickly arrives as an attachment to an email, delivered to an inbox of our choice.

If you have any questions about these recent updates or would like to discuss with us how we can help you with your forms, please let us know.