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RAD PDF 3.10 Released

Today, Red Software releases version 3.10 of RAD PDF, the ASP.NET and now ASP.NET Core PDF reader, editor, form filler, signature tool, and more. This version includes sample code for using RAD PDF with ASP.NET Core (as well as a reference to the new nuget package). The new ASP.NET Core version can be used with both standard RAD PDF documents (PdfWebControl) and Lite Documents (PdfWebControlLite) with little to no changes.

When using ASP.NET Core, the new RadPdfCoreMiddleware replaces the PdfHttpHandler, making configuration, even with a custom PdfIntegrationProvider, very straightforward. The RAD PDF System Service still requires the full .NET Framework, but this can be configured on a seperate machine or the control can be run using RenderAtClient.

This update also includes a number of minor feature updates and bug fixes.

This release (and the ASP.NET Core nuget) is available free of charge to all RAD PDF licensees with an active Maintenance Plan.

Release Notes


Red Software is excited to share a new BETA version of RAD PDF for use with ASP.NET Core!

ASP.NET Core is the new open-source web framework from Microsoft. While similar to ASP.NET, request processing is handled much differently. This new assembly is largely similar to the standard RAD PDF build with a few key differences:

  • The PdfHttpHandler and web.config have been replaced with RadPdfCoreMiddleware - a single line of code in your Startup class configures and installs the needed listeners
  • When using a custom session provider, AddSession() implementations need two parameters instead of one -  update your code to use AddSession(HttpContext context, PdfLiteSession session)
  • When using a custom session provider, GetSession() implementations need two parameters instead of one - update your code to use GetSession(HttpContext context, string key)

This initial BETA release is compatible with ASP.NET Core 2.0 and higher.

To request a link to the BETA, please contact support:

Use of this assembly is included with a standard RAD PDF license and is subject to the EULA.