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RAD PDF 2.39 Released

Today, Red Software announces RAD PDF 2.39, the ASP.NET PDF editor, form filler, viewer and more. This version includes a new option to render PDF files at the client instead of server side. This reduces server CPU load and allows RAD PDF to be used without the System Service (abet with some limitations).

This release also includes a number of improvements for using RAD PDF with large PDF files, specifically reducing memory usage through the use of temp files.

RAD PDF's System Service now uses its own caching mechanism by default, reducing the load on the SQL Server database being used with RAD PDF. This can be configured when installing RAD PDF (and the installer will not overwrite already saved settings).

This version is available free of charge to all RAD PDF licensees with an active RAD PDF Maintenance Plan.

Release Notes

RAD PDF 2.25 Released

Red Software is excited to release version 2.25 of the PDF editing and viewing ASP.NET component, RAD PDF! A new printer settings dialog now allows users to print page ranges, improving the user experience as well as server performance (as non-desired pages are no longer rendered). This update also includes rendering improvements across the board, including CMap (Character Map) support.

Version 2.25 also introduces several minor new features, including improved layout metrics for multilined PdfTextFields using fonts not installed on the client.

This release also includes several bug fixes.

This version is available free of charge to all Red Software customers with an active Maintenance Plan.

Release Notes