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RAD PDF 3.9.5 Service Update

Today, Red Software releases version 3.9.5, a service update to its PDF reader, editor, form filler, signature tool, and more for ASP.NET web applications, RAD PDF. This distribution primarily focuses on fixes and smaller improvements to RAD PDF. This build further improves the PdfSignatureShape object (demonstrated here), particularly when using the popup GUI. Additionally, PdfLinkAnnotation objects can also now link to destinations using non-HTTP protocols (e.g. mailto: or tel:).

To simplify integrations with RAD PDF, the Document object is now accessible from the PdfIntegrationProvider's OnDocumentSaved method. This allows implementations to easily analyze user changes and the output PDF at the same time, simplifying tasks like post-processing the output PDF. Objects can now selectively be output to PDF or printed, allowing for objects to appear on screen, but not in outputs (or vice versa).

This update also has documentation improvements and other fixes.

This release is available free of charge to all RAD PDF licensees with an active Maintenance Plan.

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