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RAD PDF 3.22 Released

Red Software is excited to release RAD PDF 3.22, the ASP.NET / ASP.NET Core / ASP.NET 5 Web Control for reading, printing, editing, filling, signing, and more with PDF files in almost any web browser!

This latest version allows RAD PDF to be deployed with server side page rendering, but without the RAD PDF System Service. This allows for tighter PDF file protection and faster rendering of large files when  deploying / developing using our nuget for a single instance. Implementations are now a breeze when using Azure App Services, ASP.NET 5, and similar environments.

With ASP.NET Core / ASP.NET 5, RAD PDF can now be configured to not use the RAD PDF System Service with a single line of code in a Setup.cs class:

app.UseRadPdf(new RadPdfCoreMiddlewareSettings() { UseService = false });

This UseService=false can also be used in the .NET Framework or .NET Core integration provider. HttpHandler rendering can be disabled by setting AllowHttpHandlerRendering=false.

This update is available free of charge to customers with an active Maintenance Plan.

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