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RAD PDF 3.27 Released

Today, Red Software releases RAD PDF 3.27, the newest version of the PDF reader, PDF annotator, PDF editor, PDF form filler, PDF form designer, PDF signer, and more for ASP.NET (including .NET Core, .NET 5, & .NET 6).

This release includes improved language support for languages which require complex text layout or scripts, like Arabic, Thai, Devanagari, Lao, and others. The new UseUniscribe property allows RAD PDF to use Microsoft's Uniscribe to assist in adding new fields and text which have connected characters or other complex font features required by the language. (This feature is only available when running RAD PDF on Windows.)

The new PdfAnnotation.Flatten and PdfField.Flatten properties allow for individual annotations and form fields to be flattened when saving a PDF. This allows developers to more easily implement custom workflows where certain elements of a PDF should be "burned in" or flattened.

Additionally, this version enhances server efficiency with "empty" documents, improves the client-side PDF rendering engine, allows Lite Document sessions to be updated, and fixes a number of important bugs.

This update is available free of charge to customers with an active Maintenance Plan.

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