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RAD PDF 3.16 Released

Red Software is proud to announce version version 3.16 of the ASP.NET / ASP.NET Core Web Control for reading, printing, editing, filling, signing, and now certifying PDF files, RAD PDF!

This latest release includes the ability to certify documents by digitally signing them with RSA / X.509 certificates. Utilizing asymmetric (public-key) cryptography, this allows third parties to detect changes made to the document after saving it by verifying a digital "signature" (in supported PDF viewers). The new CertifyUsing property can be used to select a PKCS #12 certificate file or other X.509 certificate (with a private key) which will be used to "sign" the PDF output. You can also use the new PdfTimeStamper to add a time stamp when certifying the document.

Additionally, this new version includes undo improvements, improved exception messaging, and other minor improvements.

This update is available free of charge to customers with an active Maintenance Plan.

Release Notes