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RAD PDF 3.36 Released

Red Software is proud to announce RAD PDF 3.36, the newest version of its ASP.NET WebControl for PDF viewing, form filling, editing, signing, protecting, and more. Integrating PDF files and forms into any ASP.NET website has never been easier. Now, with page label support, page numbering in RAD PDF will appear with the same styling users see in desktop PDF viewers. This allows for alphabetical "numbering", roman numerals, custom text, and more.

Additionally, this new version improves to how radio form fields are rendered. Circle checkbox types sometimes clipped their background and highlights appeared outside of the field's border. This update improves radio fields both visually and functionally.

This release also includes a number of small mobile improvements. The object delete and properties buttons were often hard to access on mobile and have been moved to allow access on all screens. A future version will continue to improve mobile options with an updated properties dialog allowing for more fined grain control via a scrollable interface better designed for small screens.

This update is available free of charge to all customers with an active Maintenance Plan.

Release Notes