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RAD PDF 3.7.5 Service Update

Today, Red Software releases version 3.7.5, a service update to its PDF reader, editor, form filler, and more for ASP.NET web applications, RAD PDF. This distribution primarily focuses on fixes and improvements to RAD PDF.  Along with rendering improvements, Client API enhancements better limit event firing to user interactions. Also in the Client API, optimizations in 3.7.0 introduced some issues with the PdfPage class which have now been corrected.

This update also has other sample code improvements and other fixes.

This release is available free of charge to all RAD PDF licensees with an active Maintenance Plan.

Release Notes

RAD PDF 2.21 Released

Today, Red Software is proud to announce version 2.21 of RAD PDF, the ASP.NET PDF viewer and PDF editor. This release adds a new tool as well as improvements to the RAD PDF maintenance routinues.

First, the new Hand Scroll Tool allows users to pan and scroll the pages of PDF files using either their mouse or touch. The new HideHandScroll property also allows this tool to be optionally disabled.

Additionally, the RAD PDF maintenance routinues have been optimized to improve concurrency as well as speed of execution. For large deployments, these additional enhancements help servers running RAD PDF handle additional load.

This release also includes a number of minor bug fixes including iOS improvements and a JPEG 2000 decoding issue.

This version is available free of charge to all Red Software customers with an active Maintenance Plan.

Release Notes