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RAD PDF 3.37 Released

Today, Red Software publishes RAD PDF 3.37, the web-based GUI / WebControl for PDF editing, PDF form filling, PDF reading, PDF signing and more! More compatible than ever, the ASP.NET Core / ASP.NET 5 + package for RAD PDF now uses Microsoft.Data.SqlClient internally (replacing the now legacy System.Data.SqlClient implementation), allowing RAD PDF to use the latest SQL Server features.

This new version also includes a number of minor bug fixes as well as the important security updates included with the 3.36.1 release.

This update is available free of charge to all customers with an active Maintenance Plan.

Release Notes

RAD PDF 2.19 Released

Here at Red Software, we're proud to announce the release of RAD PDF 2.19! This newest version of our ASP.NET PDF editor and PDF viewer includes an improved PDF renderer, support for SQL Server's ISO data types (nvarchar(max) and nvarbinary(max)), as well as numerous API improvements.

Our updated PDF renderer helps text and images to appear crisper and more accurate, even on mobile devices. Rigorously tested over the last 6 months, these improvements also help improve rendering performance in many cases, particularly when embedded raster images need to be scaled to the viewer (a common need for PDF files created using a scanner).

Support for SQL Server's ISO data types nvarchar(max) and nvarbinary(max) not only ensures RAD PDF's compatibility with future versions of SQL Server (as ntext and image have been deprecated), but also allows database administrators to use SQL Server's FILESTREAM feature to store RAD PDF data outside of the database files, instead on file system. We're excited to provide this much requested feature for those with large RAD PDF implementations or those with large PDF documents in storage.

Additionally, this new version provides a number of bug fixes as well as new client and server API methods.

This version is available free of charge to all Red Software customers with an active Maintenance Plan.

Release Notes