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PDF Form Field Formatting Support Added

As both a free PDF editor and an online PDF form filler, PDFescape is constantly being improved and updated. Fortunately, unlike other PDF readers that must be downloaded and installed, these updates are seamlessly presented to our loyal web users directly, without any updates for them to install!

Being a service in BETA, it is important that we continue to keep implementing PDF form standards into PDFescape, as such, we are pleased to announce that PDFescape now formats the display of select form fields.

or example, PDF form fields which format the number 5 into the currency representation $5.00 will now be properly displayed in both Adobe Reader & PDFescape (as well as when printed from PDFescape).

Form Field Formatting in PDFescape, the free PDF editor

To try this feature, please open our sample file.

Along side the already implemented PDF JavaScript capabilities of PDFescape (such as form field calculations), PDF forms posted online to PDFescape are even more usable.

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