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RAD PDF 3.43 Released

Red Software is excited to announce RAD PDF 3.43, the newest release of its ASP.NET GUI / WebControl for PDF viewing, PDF form filling, PDF editing, PDF redaction, PDF signing, securing PDF content, and more. CspSaferRendering now also disables direct execution of PDF JavaScript, making it easier than ever for your RAD PDF implementation to comply with you Content Security Policy. Even with PDF JavaScript disabled (e.g. CspSaferRendering or DisablePdfJavaScript is true), RAD PDF can still parse the most common calculation and formatting scripts, safely computing them without direct JavaScript execution!

Free Text Annotations can now be added by the GUI, Client API and Server API. These annotations are often used for user editable "Typewriter" style text, etc.

This update also includes RAD PDF System Service improvements. The default memory footprint of the service has been reduced. It now also supports multiple reads of the same object from disk concurrently.

This new version includes a number of important bug fixes, including errors related to annotation opacity and redaction.

This update is available free of charge to all customers with an active Maintenance Plan.

Release Notes

RAD PDF 3.42 Released

Today, Red Software publishes RAD PDF 3.42, its web-based GUI / WebControl for PDF editing, PDF form filling, PDF reading, PDF redacting, PDF signing and more! Now, more ready for the modern web, this release includes client side code refactoring to eliminate eval / inline JavaScript and styles using the new PdfWebControl.CspSaferRendering / PdfWebControlLite.CspSaferRendering property. This allows easier compliance with a website Content Security Policy (CSP) or other code security requirements.

This new version also addresses a number of bugs, primarily fixing issues involving advanced PdfLiteSession usage.

There are also new code samples shared on GitHub, including sample projects demonstrating how RAD PDF can be used with React.

This update is available free of charge to all customers with an active Maintenance Plan.

Release Notes