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Improved PDF Form Designer, Modify PDF Forms

We are pleased to announce some new features for PDFescape, the free PDF editor and free PDF form filler:

  • Improved PDF form field designer. Use our free PDF form designer to add new PDF drop down, radio, and list form fields.
  • Edit existing PDF form fields. Delete fields no longer needed in a PDF form. Unlock and then modify PDF fields that need to be moved, resized, or restyled.
  • Firefox 3.6 support

These features are live on PDFescape effective immediately.

RAD PDF 1.1 Released & PDF Form Updates

We are proud to announce a few minor upgrades to both PDFescape and RAD PDF.

First up, RAD PDF is now at version 1.1. The ASP.NET PDF Viewer & PDF Editor now features a number of code optimizations and improvements as well as a new DocumentEditor class which allows the pre-processing of PDF documents before they are displayed in RAD PDF.

Currently, the DocumentEditor class is limited to pre-filling PDF form fields, however this class will be expanded in future versions to accommodate all object types supported by RAD PDF.

RAD PDF now officially supports Firefox 3.5.

See full updates list

Also, PDFescape, the free PDF editor and free PDF form filler has been updated to improve PDF form filling. Amongst a number of improvements, PDFescape now supports PDF form field combs, better enforces max field lengths, and improves support of PDF specified PDF form field styles.

RAD PDF Beta Now Public & PDFescape Firefox 3.5 Compatible

The ASP.NET PDF Viewer & PDF Editor, RAD PDF is now in public BETA. This initial release features a number of updates over the initial private BETA releases including the new bookmark and url / page annotation support.

With the release of Firefox 3.5, PDFescape, the free PDF editor and PDF form filler, has been updated to support this new release of the extremely popular open source browser.

PDFescape Firefox Add-on Updated

Red Software is proud to announce that version 0.9 of the PDFescape Firefox Add-on is now available via Mozilla.

This latest version for our free PDF editor and PDF form filler, PDFescape, fixes some minor issues for our Mac and Linux users.

Additionally, it now supports the new Firefox 3.1 Beta 2 (which is very exciting, because Firefox 3.1 features the new Tracemonkey JavaScript engine which vastly improves the speed of JavaScript based web applications, such as PDFescape)

Zooming & Firefox 3 Support Added

We are excited to announce that PDFescape has two exciting new features:

  • Zooming: Zoom in or out when viewing your PDF file or form. This has been a much requested feature from PDFescape users, which we finally had to completely overhauled PDFescape in order to enable. While a small feature from the user perspective, this is a big enabler for some new features and linking options PDFescape users will see in the coming months.
  • Firefox 3 Support: Firefox 3 is in prerelease and not expected to change much between now and its official release. As such PDFescape has been made ready for this new browser update. PDFescape runs faster and smoother under Firefox 3. FF3 should be a much anticipated release from Mozilla for PDFescape users. Additionally, FF3 (as well as Safari 2 & 3) are the best browsers to use for the new zooming feature in PDFescape. Earlier versions of FF & Internet Explorer will render the zoomed file much grainier.