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RAD PDF 1.1 Released & PDF Form Updates

We are proud to announce a few minor upgrades to both PDFescape and RAD PDF.

First up, RAD PDF is now at version 1.1. The ASP.NET PDF Viewer & PDF Editor now features a number of code optimizations and improvements as well as a new DocumentEditor class which allows the pre-processing of PDF documents before they are displayed in RAD PDF.

Currently, the DocumentEditor class is limited to pre-filling PDF form fields, however this class will be expanded in future versions to accommodate all object types supported by RAD PDF.

RAD PDF now officially supports Firefox 3.5.

See full updates list

Also, PDFescape, the free PDF editor and free PDF form filler has been updated to improve PDF form filling. Amongst a number of improvements, PDFescape now supports PDF form field combs, better enforces max field lengths, and improves support of PDF specified PDF form field styles.


We are proud to announce the private BETA release of RAD PDF, the latest addition to the PDFescape product family. Derived from the same code as PDFescape, RAD PDF contains almost all the features of our incredibly popular online free PDF editing service.

RAD PDF is a commercial ASP.NET component which facilitates the display and editing of PDF files in the your web application, just like PDFescape.

If you are interested in enrolling in the private BETA program for RAD PDF, please contact Red Software.

Qualifying developers / web application development companies should be prepared to sign an NDA.

Client Requirements

  • A JavaScript Capable Browser
  • An Active Internet Connection

That's it! Just like PDFescape, RAD PDF does not require Adobe Reader, Flash, or any other client side software or add-ins.

Server Requirements

  • Windows 2003 / 2008 Server (with IIS and MSMQ installed)
  • ASP.NET 2.0 / 3.0 / 3.5
  • SQL Server 2005 /2008 Express / Workgroup / Standard / Enterprise

PDFescape BETA Goes Live

We are proud to announce that PDFescape is ready for use by the public!

PDFescape is a new Web 2.0 web application for PDF documents.

PDFescape enables users to better interact with PDF files online.


Key Features:

  • Fill out PDF forms online, without installing any software
  • Open PDF files  with ease
    • From your local computer, simple upload it to our servers
    • From the internet, simply submit a link to file and our servers will download and load it
  • Make changes to PDF file
    • Fill out already existing form fields
    • Add text anywhere you wish, just like using a typewriter
    • Add vector shapes such as checkboxes, lines, arrows, rectangles, and circles
    • Add hyperlinks to PDF documents, linking to URLs or other pages
    • Add new form fields to PDF document to enable others to fill out your form
    • Set document information, such as the document title, author, creator, etc.
  • Save your work directly to the server
    • Your file will be automatically saved on the server for 7 days
    • Save changes, even if you’re in the process of updating the file, with a single click
    • Open your saved files at any time from the server
  • Save changed and filled PDF forms as PDF files
    • Save these PDF files to your personal computer
    • Have these PDF files emailed to your, or any other, email address
  • Compatible with most major browsers
    • Internet Explorer 6 & 7
    • Firefox 1.5+ & 2+
    • Safari