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RAD PDF 3.33 Released

Red Software is excited to announce RAD PDF 3.33, the universal PDF editing GUI / WebControl for ASP.NET (including 3.5, 4.x, Core, 5, 6, etc). This update to the PDF editor / PDF form filler / PDF signer / PDF reader includes a number of important improvements, including a CJK word-wrapping issue where text was not always wrapped properly in the PDF output.

Additionally, PDF annotation creation and modification date is now automatically updated and support added for more named menu actions used by PDF buttons and scripts.

This release is available free of charge to customers with an active Maintenance plan.

Release Notes

RAD PDF 2.0 Released

Red Software is proud to announce version 2.0 of its ASP.NET PDF viewer, editor, form filler, and form designer, RAD PDF.

RAD PDF 2.0 inserting a dynamic server side created image

RAD PDF 2.0 features tighter integration with web applications, improved performance, and significantly more powerful APIs.

The new RAD PDF PdfIntegrationProvider allows PDF editing, saving, printing, downloading, and searching to be intercepted and controlled server side, allowing for easier and more secure custom PDF workflows. For example, with RAD PDF 2.0, you can intercept a PDF print event, decide whether a user has permission to print that file and if so, dynamically tag the printed output with today's date and the user's name.

The new PdfObjectDataContext class allows for integration with custom image and signature repositories, or on the fly generated data which can be inserted by a user into an existing PDF.

The new PdfStorageAdapter class makes extraction of useful data from RAD PDF even easier, both internal and external to your web application.

All without any client side software being installed (not even Adobe Reader or flash), RAD PDF continues to provide the most advanced and most flexible PDF web solution available.

Release Notes