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RAD PDF 2.20 Released

Red Software is proud to announce version 2.20 of RAD PDF, the ASP.NET PDF editor and viewer. This release focuses primarily on API enhancements and minor bug fixes.

First, the new Search() method added to the PdfDocumentEditor class allows for server side PDF searching. With this method, you can search a document for key words and terms directly from C# or VB.NET.

Second, the new MaxPdfPageWidth and MaxPdfPageHeight properties allow your PdfWebControl instances to limit the maximum page size or dimensions which should be loaded. With these properties, RAD PDF can be configured to throw an exception if a PdfWebControl instance tries to render a page with a width or height over the set limit.

Additionally, new bug fixes improve the rendering of some PDF documents and provide a work around for a bug found in Internet Explorer 11 which prevented proper tabbing.

This version is available free of charge to all Red Software customers with an active Maintenance Plan.

Release Notes

PDFescape Supports Internet Explorer 9

With Microsoft's release of Internet Explorer 9 last night, the months of development and testing our free PDF editor, PDFescape, with IE9's beta have paid off!

We're proud to announce official support for IE9:

Note: Don't worry Firefox users, support for version 4 is also up and running on PDFescape!


PDF Text Selection - All Browsers Supported

For regular users of PDFescape, the free PDF editor and free PDF form filler, some major user interface improvements. Most notably:

Adding new objects to PDF files is even easier with the new "click to add" tools. Creating multiple objects, typing on PDF files, creating PDF forms, and filling out PDF forms is faster and more intuitive.

Object position tools are a bit snappier. The internal stack for PDFescape has been overhauled allowing for faster response in older browsers.

And, after several months of only providing support to Firefox , we are proud to announce that all supported PDFescape browsers can now select (and copy)  text.

PDF editor and PDF form filler now selects text in all browsers

These new features take effect on all PDFescape user accounts immediately.

PDFescape BETA Goes Live

We are proud to announce that PDFescape is ready for use by the public!

PDFescape is a new Web 2.0 web application for PDF documents.

PDFescape enables users to better interact with PDF files online.


Key Features:

  • Fill out PDF forms online, without installing any software
  • Open PDF files  with ease
    • From your local computer, simple upload it to our servers
    • From the internet, simply submit a link to file and our servers will download and load it
  • Make changes to PDF file
    • Fill out already existing form fields
    • Add text anywhere you wish, just like using a typewriter
    • Add vector shapes such as checkboxes, lines, arrows, rectangles, and circles
    • Add hyperlinks to PDF documents, linking to URLs or other pages
    • Add new form fields to PDF document to enable others to fill out your form
    • Set document information, such as the document title, author, creator, etc.
  • Save your work directly to the server
    • Your file will be automatically saved on the server for 7 days
    • Save changes, even if you’re in the process of updating the file, with a single click
    • Open your saved files at any time from the server
  • Save changed and filled PDF forms as PDF files
    • Save these PDF files to your personal computer
    • Have these PDF files emailed to your, or any other, email address
  • Compatible with most major browsers
    • Internet Explorer 6 & 7
    • Firefox 1.5+ & 2+
    • Safari