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RAD PDF 3.31 Released

Red Software is proud to update its ASP.NET WebControl for PDF form filling, editing, signing, and viewing, RAD PDF to version 3.31. Even with Microsoft dropping support for Internet Explorer, this release continues to support nearly ever browser and platform, including Internet Explorer back to to IE6 (as well as the latest desktop, mobile, and touch devices).

This release includes new PdfObject properties for both the Client API and Server API, like LockWidth and LockHeight.

Additionally, this update improves PDF processing speed and compatibility with slightly damaged/malformed files.

This version includes security updates related to damaged PDF files and rendering PDF files with a nested transparency group as well as other minor bug fixes.

This update is available free of charge to customers with an active Maintenance Plan.

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RAD PDF 3.30 Released

Today, Red Software updates RAD PDF, a leading ASP.NET 3.5 / 4.x / Core / 5 / 6 web component for editing, form filling, reading, and signing PDF files in an online GUI.

Version 3.30 includes a new AddPath() server-side API for PdfSignatureShapes and copySignatureTo() Client API method.

Additionally, this release includes important bug fixes and security improvements.

This update is available free of charge to customers with an active Maintenance Plan.

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RAD PDF 3.18.5 Released

Red Software is excited to announce compatibility with ASP.NET 5 for its browser friendly GUI for online PDF file viewing, editing, and form filling, RAD PDF!

Version 3.18.5 provides out-of-the-box compatibility with .NET 5's new security defaults and is a recommended update for all customers. This release changes the default Lite Document session serializer to the new PdfLiteSessionSerializer, a secure replacement for the previous default, BinaryFormatter. At this time, PdfLiteSessionSerializer will fallback to BinaryFormatter to maximize compatibility. This can be further secured (and will be the default in a future release) by using another secure formatter / serializer or by setting the static property:

PdfLiteSession.DefaultFormatter = new PdfLiteSessionSerializer(false);

Additionally, this release also includes minor bug fixes and other improvements.

This update is available free of charge to customers with an active Maintenance Plan.

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Concerned About PDF Security? Use PDFescape!

UPDATE: Red Software is no longer affiliated with PDFescape

With all of the PDF security warnings being posted around the internet, many PDF users are wondering what the safest course of action really is. Uninstall Adobe Reader? Uninstall all PDF software?

For concerned users, PDFescape, the free PDF editor, is an excellent choice as your PDF reader! The Adobe security flaw is specific to the way in which Adobe handles its JavaScript (a common scripting language which allows PDF forms to have advanced features such as form field formatting and allow fields to calculate their values). PDFescape on the other hand (while it does support JavaScript), is based on the JavaScript engine of your internet browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc). All of these internet browsers are immune these flaws!

Instead of risking opening files in Adobe Reader which may contain a security risk, download any PDF file to your computer. Then open that PDF in PDFescape. PDFescape can view, edit, form fill, and print PDF files all without the use of Adobe Reader or Adobe Flash (both of which had scripting flaws in the past)!

If you absolutely must open PDF files from unknown sources on your computer, you can also turn off JavaScript in Adobe Reader in the preferences menu (just be sure to do this BEFORE double clicking that PDF file).

Encrypt PDF Documents Using PDFescape

UPDATE: Red Software is no longer affiliated with PDFescape, but this feature is still available in our RAD PDF technology. Edit your PDF with our online implementation, free of charge!

PDF files being edited in PDFescape can now be encrypted when exported or emailed.

For quite some time, PDFescape has supported opening PDF files which were encrypted with a password. Now, files saved using the free PDF editor can be password protected.

With a PDF document open in PDFescape, simply hover over the "Edit" menu, and click "Document Security".

Edit and encrypt PDF files using PDFescape for free

Check the box to indicate that you wish to password protect the file, enter your password twice, and click OK.

These password protected files will require the user to enter a password before viewing the exported PDF file and its contents is allowed.

PDFescape encrypts the entire contents of the PDF using 128-bit encryption, keeping sensitive information safe from prying eyes.

Just one more way in which PDFescape continues to be the most featured, free PDF editor.