PDFescape Firefox Add-on Updated

Red Software is proud to announce that version 0.9 of the PDFescape Firefox Add-on is now available via Mozilla.

This latest version for our free PDF editor and PDF form filler, PDFescape, fixes some minor issues for our Mac and Linux users.

Additionally, it now supports the new Firefox 3.1 Beta 2 (which is very exciting, because Firefox 3.1 features the new Tracemonkey JavaScript engine which vastly improves the speed of JavaScript based web applications, such as PDFescape)

Google Login For PDFescape - The Free PDF Editor & Form Filler

Red Software is proud to announce that recent improvements to PDFescape now allow users with Google Gmail accounts to edit and fill out PDF documents without registering.

This integration will allow users to use their existing username and password on their Google account to securely access PDFescape.

Simply click the Sign In Using Google button on the PDFescape sign on page.

You will be prompted by Google for your account username and password.

Once logged in, Google will return you to PDFescape where you can begin editing PDF files and filling out PDF forms. (PDFescape will never know your Google username and password)

This feature is only supported by Google account holders which have a Gmail account. Google Apps accounts won't work at this time, however we are hopeful Google will provide support for them as well.

Text Selection Added To PDFescape

Users of PDFescape can now select and copy text in PDF files when viewing them online. While still the powerful free PDF editor and PDF form filler it always has been, PDFescape now becomes an improved PDF reader for those looking to be completely independent from their desktop based viewers.

Select and copy text in PDFescape

This feature is still in testing and only available to FireFox users, however once fully tested, will be available on additional browsers.

Update 1:
After receiving bug reports from several users, a minor bug affecting PDF files with cropped coordinate systems has been corrected. If you were previously have issues selecting text, this update may correct your issue.

Support For Calculating Form Fields & Password Protected PDF Files Added

Today PDFescape has received a number of improvements to its free PDF editing software.

First, PDFescape now features support for PDF form fields which calculate values. This improvement not only allows users filling out PDF forms to have a more enriched experience when filling out forms, it allow will allow PDF form distributors to create and email out PDF forms which allow for fewer mistakes when filling a PDF form.

Here is a sample PDF form which demonstrates this new feature. At this time, PDFescape supports all of the standard PDF calculations including sum, average, product, min, and max.

Second, PDFescape now supports the opening of PDF files which are password protected. Password protected PDF files previously had to be unencrypted prior to being opened in PDFescape. PDFescape will now prompt users when a password is required and decrypt the PDF for them.

Because we care about your privacy as much as we care about our own, all passwords submitted when decrypting a file using PDFescape are securely erased once the PDF file has been opened.

Last, but not least, frequent users of PDFescape will notice that PDFescape is now faster and more responsive, especially with large files or files with many form fields. Thanks to some PDFescape engine overhauls, the graphical user interface of our PDF editor is quicker than ever.

PDFescape Gets Makeover

If you are a frequent user of PDFescape, you will have noticed that we've started to make some significant changes to PDFescape in the past few weeks.

In addition to adding functionality and stability to the PDFescape platform, we've also started a cosmetic makeover of the site.

Free Online PDF Editor and Free PDF Form Filler

The site has a darker feel to it, but makes for a better overall use of space on the page. Additionally, the presentation of information is clearer and makes PDFescape easier to use for new comers.

While this makeover is far from complete, we just couldn't wait to start deploying these improvements to out online, free PDF editor & form filler. We sincerely hope that our loyal users are as enthusiastic about this improvement as we are.

Please feel free to provide feedback