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Merge PDF Documents Using PDFescape, Free

Red Software is proud to announce that free PDF editor, PDFescape, now supports appending PDF (and TIFF) files to the end of the currently loaded document. This new functionality allows multiple PDF documents to be easily merged, right in the PDFescape web interface.

Simply click the "Page" tab and then the "Append" button and choose a new PDF (or TIFF file) to insert.

RAD PDF 2.6 Released

Red Software is proud to announce the release of version 2.6 of the ASP.NET PDF viewer and editor, RAD PDF. This latest version features a large number of updates to the Client API (allowing for tighter integration with the PdfWebControl) including the ability to find form fields by name.

RAD PDF now loads TIFF documents, automatically detecting them, converting them to PDF, and opening them in RAD PDF's interface. This optional feature allows image based documents to be easily viewed and edited along side PDF ones.

Form field calculation support is also enhanced by accommodating additional PDF JavaScript execution and formats. Previously, only basic sum, average, multiplication, max, and min calculations could be performed. Version 2.6 brings supports for most Adobe Acrobat calculations using more complicated formulas in "Simplified field notation".

This new version is provided free of charge to all customers with an active Maintenance Plan.

Release Notes

View Multi-page TIFF Files in PDFescape?

Shhh... While not officially announced to the website for our free PDF editor, PDFescape, Red Software has publicly enabled the ability to upload and view TIFF files. Both single page and multiple page TIFF images are supported and no registration is required to use this feature.

While the upload dialog prompts you to upload a PDF file, TIFF file formats are accepted, automatically recognized, converted to PDF, and loaded into the PDFescape editor.

Go ahead , give it a try!

Calculating Form Fields in PDFescape

At Red Software, we constantly receive requests for feature updates and improvements. One of the most common requests is for "Simplified field notation" support. Our free PDF editor, PDFescape, has had built in calculation support for some time, allowing addition, multiplication, averaging, mininmum, and maximum calculations.

Today, we're proud to announce support for "Simplified field notation", allowing custom formulas and more advanced PDF form field calculations. With this update, even simple scripts which use the advanced "Custom JavaScript Calculation" / "Custom Calculation Script" method will work properly in PDFescape.

See PDFescape's calculation features in action!

How to Publish a PDF Form

While our free PDF editor has been used by millions to alter PDF files and fill in PDF forms, a smaller number of PDFescape users have discovered PDFescape's PDF publishing service. This service allows you to upload a master copy of your file to our servers. We provide you with a link which creates a new copy of the PDF form or file each time it is clicked so that multiple users can each view or alter the your published document (without changing the master file or each others copies).

Typically, PDFescape publishing is for those looking to:

(1) Post a PDF form and collect responses via email


(2) Distribute a PDF file, but limit access to features in that file (or even the file itself)

Let's take a brief look at how to publish a PDF form in PDFescape:

(1) Log in to your PDFescape account. If you are an unregistered user, you will need to either complete the setup of your account or logout and then register for a new account.


(2) Navigate to the PDF publishing area of your account. There will be a "Publish" icon when in your main account area. If you don't have any "Publishing Credits", click the "Add" button in the upper right hand corner.


(3) Directly in your PDFescape account you can purchase PDFescape Publishing Credits. 1 Credit will allow a single PDF form or file to be hosted and distributed for one year. There are no per-user, per-click, or pdf-completion fees. If purchasing more than 1 credit, Red Software offers discount pricing. If you are publishing more than 50 files, please contact Red Software for additional pricing information.

(4) Once you have credits in your account, you're ready to publish a PDF form. Click "Publish New PDF Form" to get started.


(5) You will then be instructed to upload and publish your PDF form. This will deduct 1 Credit from your account and upload the form to our servers. Please note that once a form is published, it can't be changed, so be sure that the file you're uploading is the form you wish all users to see (complete with all desired form fields, links, modifications, etc.). We recommend opening your form in PDFescape first to confirm the file appears as desired. If you make a mistake, please contact support and we'll be happy to help you out.

(6) Once your file is published, you will be presented with a wide variety of options including where submitted copies of your form should be emailed to (if you wish users to submit forms to you). You can also limit access to certain features including the editing tools available, downloading of the document, printing, and even text selection. To distribute your document the "Published PDF URL" should be used. It can be used on your website, in emails, etc. and is in the format "".

For an example of a published PDF form, see

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